Acne Treatment Routine

25.800 JD 29.600 JD

3 Simple steps to help maintain balanced and radiant skin.

Restore your skin's health and natural balance with this expertly formulated combination. Support your skin's natural functioning to enhance and improve overall texture, tone and appearance. This simple routine works with your skin and not against it, to restore your equilibrium.

This routine pouch includes:

Amina's Moisturising Soap
Tea Tree Essential Oil
Aloe Vera Face & Body Cream

Did you know?
The unbleached Cotton Pouch is made by the Women of Azraq Sewing Group: which is a host community integrating Syrian refugee women within the Azraq complex multi-ethnic community.

The sewing group provides a space for the women to meet and work together, as well as provide a livelihood for themselves and their families. 

The pouch string is made from wool handspun yarn by the Safawi Women Charity, employing women of Bedouin heritage to source and process Jordanian sheep wool that is dyed with natural dyes.