Trade Enquiries

Amina’s story began back in 2000, when Amina blended her own homemade, natural skincare products to sooth her babies sensitive skin allergies. 18 years later and our creations can now be experienced in many countries worldwide, directly through our online store and through our partnerships with the world's finest retailers.

We would be happy to discuss opportunities with prospective partners across the world.

These opportunities include retailers who want to stock our products or experienced distributors who can promote our products or the opening of Amina’s Natural Skincare retail shops in your market.

We are looking for partners with the following qualities:

· A passion for Healthy living and Organic & Natural Beauty
· A strong understanding of the natural & organic sector
· Retailers who are seeking to add unique organic certified skincare product to their offering
· Experienced distributors within the cosmetic and beauty industry with strong retail relationships
· Retail companies with the vision of opening multiple retail stores.

Being a Jordanian Made product interested trade partners have the chance to benefit from many of Jordan’s special trade agreements with a number of countries globally which allow for Amina’s products to enter your country or region tariff and customs free. Please do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about how this agreement can benefit you.

We are one of very few Jordanian companies that are listed and qualified to be part of the EU-Jordan special trade agreement that offers special relaxed rules of origin that offers additional benefits to trade and distribute our products in Europe. Please do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about how this agreement can benefit you.

If you have any trade inquiries or would like to explore forming a trade partnership with us, please contact us using the relevant details by clicking here